LDI 2008

This October the LDI Conference in Las Vegas is slated to have a handful of green-oriented sessions, mostly dealing with lighting and LED’s. They will include Green Lights for TV Studios, taught by LD John Gates, examining a “range of television lighting sources that allow you to design your lighting in a more environmentally conscious manner”; The All LED ESPN NASCAR PIT Studio, led by LD’s Bruce Ferri and Ron Skinner; and The Evolution And Future of LED Lighting, taught by John Graff.

Also on the agenda is Going Green 101, moderated by Bob Usdin of Showman Fabricators that LDI promises will be a “lively panel discussion on the fundamentals of going green.” The blurb also contains this gem: “as energy prices continue to soar the economics make sustainability a real dollars and cents solution.” Hmmm…I guess that’s called doing what’s right (for your checkbook).


2 Responses to “LDI 2008”

  1. 1 jdc
    August 30, 2008 at 8:17 am

    I started an entertainment-industry-centric salvage company, SSSHH Salvage Projects, in June 2008, providing salvage planning and material recycling as a production service. In my experience this industry’s concept of ‘going green’ usually has a dead president’s face on it somewhere. I’ve been told that material salvage is ‘not cost-effective’ a bazillion times but I have never quoted anybody a price for my services.
    So far (working part-time) I’ve helped move over 100 tons of landfill-bound useable materials on to a second purpose. Pre-production planning makes salvage workable. Goods move directly from user #1 to user #2 when an event strikes; there’s no need for a storage space, and labor and transportation costs are usually already contained in the existing labor and construction budgets of both groups. I had thought that my operating expenses could be reimbursed from resulting reductions in waste removeal budget lines (so that salvaging material was equal in cost to throwing it away) but so far that hasn’t happened; people love the idea of salvage but have told me across the board that they won’t pay for it. So I can’t afford to do a lot of the jobs I hear about.
    I’ve been pulling stuff out of dumpsters at Lincoln Center for 20 years now and passing it on to other productions; at least nowadays I can send photos of what’s being tossed via cell phone instead of calling from the corner and hoping to get someone’s new-fangled answering machine.
    I feel that all it sould take to change the waste in this industry is creativity and the desire and commitment to make it happen, kind of like putting a circus underwater. But after 20 years of freelancing I could easily be stone cold rabbit-ass crazy delusional. It’s happened before.

    This is a terrific site. Thanks for putting it together.
    For anyone working in New York, please check out http://www.filmbizrecycling.com and http://www.greenow.org

  2. August 30, 2008 at 10:43 am

    Janet — wow, thanks so much for commenting on ecoTheater. Your endeavors are impressive, and I’m glad that you find ecoTheater helpful in some way. Let’s touch base.

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