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Sustainable Theater Facilities Get Attention at NATEAC

According to the current issue of the ESTA’s Protocol magazine, the North American Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference (NATEAC) will hold a panel discussion this year entitled “The Greener Theatre.”

[insert nod to Gideon Banner of the Green Theater Initiative for this tip]

“Architecture for the arts, with very few exceptions, has been woefully behind the curve when it comes to approachinig the design, construction, and operation of buildings for sustainable cultural operations,” writes David Taylor in the magazine.

“The impact of cultural buildings on the ecology of the planet is many-fold,” Taylor continues, pointing out the often simplistic view of green building that many of us hold, urging builders, designers, and artists alike to look at the bigger picture: “The necessity for carbon accountability needs to extend to the manufacturing and marketing processes of our theatre suppliers, as well as the process of transporting both the raw materials and finished product.”

Taylor’s article is worth a full read for sure, and includes a valuable sidebar on some considerations when thinking about green theater facilities. It is enormously encouraging to read since the author and at least a portion of his colleagues seem both tremendously knowledgeable on how to approach the problems with pragmatic solutions, and eager to share their ideas. I know Banner is working on getting into the conference to attend the panel on green theater, and if any of you ecoTheater readers plan on being there, please let me know. I’d love to hear about it.

The conference will run July 20 & 21 at Pace University in NYC.

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"It should be about different kinds of symbols than the color green—wind farms, solar, renewable-energy laboratories, those things that are symbolic of the new energy economy. People think that we overuse the concept of green, and it could become trite in its expression.”
“This idea about green in a lot of people’s minds still conjures up this notion of a fringe or something that’s out-there. It doesn’t inspire this notion of a new America. It just seems more substantive than a color.” - Colorado governor Bill Ritter, Jr. in The New Yorker
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