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9Thirty Theatre Company Set to Launch in NYC

Received an enthusiastic email from Jeff Burroughs, one of the co-founders of the new 9Thirty Theatre Company (9TTC), announcing their New Wordsmiths Forge a Series at The Bridge Theatre @ Shetler Studios May 23 through May 25.

9TTC bills itself as “a unique new theatre company dedicated to being eco-friendly.” And: “a company that cultivates creativity and showcases artists working toward viable solutions for a sustainable future.” Well, they know how to get my attention. But how do they plan on accomplishing this eco-friendliness? Well, I’m glad you asked — because I did too.

As it stands, 9TTC is a nomadic company for now, but has big plans for the future. “I have been meeting with green architects and designers to find what components can be implemented into our building as we continue our search for a home, Burroughs told ecoTheater via email today. “Things we’ve come up with and are working on developing are: theater seats made from soy, having Parans Solar Lighting, [the] use [of] infrared and ultrasonic sensors to keep lights off when no one is present, [and] incorporating the use of vertical gardens.”

“We are also about sustaining artists and new works as well,” Burroughs said, adding that 9TTC also hope to develop “programs for city kids that combine agricultural experiences with artistic classes.”

Well, what can I say? Best of luck 9TTC — and I encourage all of my NYC readers to go out and support this new company with such lofty and worthy goals.

what’s in a color?

"It should be about different kinds of symbols than the color green—wind farms, solar, renewable-energy laboratories, those things that are symbolic of the new energy economy. People think that we overuse the concept of green, and it could become trite in its expression.”
“This idea about green in a lot of people’s minds still conjures up this notion of a fringe or something that’s out-there. It doesn’t inspire this notion of a new America. It just seems more substantive than a color.” - Colorado governor Bill Ritter, Jr. in The New Yorker
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