The Garrett Lighting Calculations Sheet

Last week, in the midst of hell week, I received an email from Ian Garrett presenting a very cool project he was working on. In his words, “What we have here is information that has been at times used by myself and others (looking at you Lawler) to talk about the ecological impact of theater.”

“What [the sheet] does is compute a number of factors in looking at theatrical lighting and figures out equivalents,” he said.Input the Average or Max load of a show (you can get the max load from Lightwright and extrapolate the other from your utility), the average hours your system is running and the number of times you have it running.” Then, the sheet computes the cost per hour from conventional power grids, as well as that of the solar array needed to offset the power use. It also calculates the number of pounds produced per hour by conventional power means, the BTUs (Thermal Gain) of the lights per hour, and translates this information into several equivalents, including:

– Metric Tons CO2 per hour and year

– Equivalent Passenger cars per hour and year

– Equivalent Barrels and Gallons of Gasoline per hour and year

– Equivalent Household electrical use per hour and year

– Equivalent Household total energy use (gas/electirc/etc) per hour and year

– Number of trees needed to sequester the CO2 per hour and year

– Acres of Pine and Fir that store CO2

– Acres of resultant deforestation

– Tons sitting in a landfill as opposed to being recycled

– Equivalent number of coal fire power plants

You can have a look at Garrett’s handiwork here. I have provided both a screenshot example of his form, as well as a download of the usable excel sheet with a separate file of Garrett’s explicit instructions. I’ll keep you posted on Garrett’s updates, and please, please, please, if you use this sheet in your research or other work please credit Ian Garrett. Bad karma if you don’t.


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