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American Theatre Update

The green theater article has been moved to the December issue of American Theatre. I just wanted to let everyone who might have been eagerly anticipating the November issue, where it was originally slated to appear.


An Update on Life

I just wanted to let you all know that I have recovered well from my surgery, but unfortunately it has not ended my ordeal. I won’t be writing about ecoTheater much for a while, because I frankly have many other things to deal with in life in order to keep it–life, that is.

If you’re interested, please check out another blog I have started called The C Word. I can’t help it, I’m a writer at heart, and so what I do is write. Since it has been a week since my surgery, I’m feeling up to putting things down in words again…so, I hope you’ll be interested enough to take a look.

I promise I will return to ecoTheater, and the work I’ve been doing here. Also, my article for American Theatre is still set to run in November, so be sure to check it out. You might also want to check out Ian Garrett’s new wiki here. The logo he came up with is fantastic!

Thanks for all of your support.


The C word

The C word is scary, and none of us want to hear it uttered in our doctor’s office. The word is cancer, of course, and for the sake of full disclosure I have to let the few loyal readers that I have know that it was spoken to me by my doctor only a few days ago.

The good news, however, is that the kind of cancer they think I have–testicular cancer–is probably the most treatable out there, and all should be back to normal very soon. Suffice it to say I might not be posting on ecoTheater for a week or two, but plan to put up a recent unfinished post I’ve been working on tonight before I have surgery tomorrow morning followed throughout the week by a battery of tests and doctor visits.

I have been debating how to deal with this on ecoTheater the last couple of days, and decided that I might as well be honest. I don’t think I have any reason to hide it–it just is what it is. My wife and I are confident that once the tumor is removed from my body, I will make a speedy and full recovery. I suppose I didn’t want to lose the small readership I’ve managed to attract, and I didn’t want any of you to think I’d dropped off the planet or something.

I will be back soon.


Ecology is Collaboration: A conversation with Theresa May & Larry Fried (part II)

“We’ve really moved into a process of doing theater and making theater that’s much more collaborative and interdisciplinary, communal and multi-authored,” explained Theresa May while we chatted about the future of green theater. May believes, and I think rightfully so, that as theater grows into a more authentically collaborative form, rather than being so only in concept, it continues to dethrone the idea that she refers to as “the myth of the individual,” so propogated by the historical notion of one leading artist driving the creation.

And it doesn’t hurt that the planet’s ecological nightmare has become part of pop culture, with global warming (or the more politically acceptable “climate change”) now resting on the tongues of “ordinary people in Walmart.” “That there is something in the lexicon now that was an elite phrase only months ago,” says May, “that opens a space for new conversations, for new innovations, for new experimentations, for new rhetoric and grant writing.”

It also opens a space for a new way of approaching theater education and training. In my recent talks with various folks, and especially with May and Fried, it has grown increasingly apparent that without a serious shift in academic approaches to theater, professional theater will never fully realize sustainability.

what’s in a color?

"It should be about different kinds of symbols than the color green—wind farms, solar, renewable-energy laboratories, those things that are symbolic of the new energy economy. People think that we overuse the concept of green, and it could become trite in its expression.”
“This idea about green in a lot of people’s minds still conjures up this notion of a fringe or something that’s out-there. It doesn’t inspire this notion of a new America. It just seems more substantive than a color.” - Colorado governor Bill Ritter, Jr. in The New Yorker
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